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"egg theives"

Profiles of all species classified as oviraptorids as of winter 2010, done for Wikipedia. Since then the taxonomy of this group has become more complex, with the possible inclusion of some traditional caenagnathids in the group.

In the original version of this image, published in Darren Naish's 2010 book Tetrapod Zoology vol. 1, , I sectioned these off into "ingeniines" and oviraptorines, though the later may be paraphyletic with respect to the former as traditionally defined. I didn't do that this time because, frankly, the skulls of ingeniines all look nearly identical once you add beaks and feathers. The differences are mainly in the manus.

I included Banji, which is a subadult, but it has some cranial fusion so it was nearing maturity according to the paper.

The two undescribed species are based on figures in Jansen's 2008 thesis on oviraptorid beaks (which is also what I followed for beak extent and arrangement). The PMO X specimen numbers refer to the casts held by the Geological Museum at the University of Oslo, not the originals which are in a private collection. These casts have been distributed widely. The ingeniine is usually labelled Conchoraptor but it might be an "Ingenia" or something new. The crested one (nicknamed "Ronaldo" or "Ronaldoraptor" I believe) is usually labelled as Oviraptor sp. or even O. philoceratops but is definitely not that.

For more on oviraptorids, see the Wikipedia article I helped edit.

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Locations: Asia, North America
Time range: Aptian - Maastrichtian ages, Cretaceous period

Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Class: Stem-Aves
Order: Caenagnathiformes
Family: Oviraptoridae


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